Peaktop by Teamson Home Outdoor & Garden Furniture, Large Round Patio Side Table in Bamboo Wicker

Peaktop by Teamson Home Outdoor & Garden Furniture, Large Round Patio Side Table in Bamboo Wicker

Whether your home has a tropical flair, farmhouse style or bohemian decor, this Peaktop by Teamson Home large bamboo stand makes a great addition to any home. Standing over 20″ tall, this natural bamboo stand is the perfect accent piece to hold your beverages or display your potted plants. Its weather resistant materials mean you can place this on your patio, or garden!

Product Code: PT-OF0034

DESIGN: The open weave bamboo and bohemian style is attractive making this side table fashionable for all garden designs.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighing only 2.3kg, this sturdy side table can be easily transported around your home and garden. A hole in the top of the table prevents accumulation of rainwater.

ECO-FRIENDLY: The durable bamboo is made from natural materials ensuring that the outdoor side table is eco-friendly. No Assembly Required.

DURABILITY: Combining Bamboo and the iron top offers a stable space to support your items for reliability and long lasting use.

DIMENSIONS: L42.5 x W42.5 x H51.4 cm.

The Pleasures of Gardening


The Pleasures of Gardening

In industrialized countries, increased leisure time has boosted the popularity of gardening. This is partly due to the increased public interest in self-sufficiency, which translates to an improved taste for home-grown produce. The drabness of inner cities has also spurred people to get back in touch with nature by creating gardens. Regardless of the reason behind the growing interest in gardening, a garden is a wonderful place to enjoy nature and its pleasures.

The appeal of gardening is multi-faceted and reflects multiple levels of ambition. Gardening begins with a child’s curiosity that seeds will grow into a vegetable. The satisfaction a child derives from successfully growing a carrot can be immense. The enthusiasm of a parent grows as a child’s success with the carrots grows. The more sophisticated appreciation for gardening comes with a more sophisticated understanding of how plants grow and how to care for them.

Garden design is an important part of landscape architecture, a profession that combines the fields of architecture and gardening. A landscape architect designs on a large scale and works on public as well as private projects. A “garden” is a small area of land, similar to a yard, next to a building. The culture of gardening dates back to antiquity, with Homer’s famous story of the Garden of Alcinous. It is important to note that a garden is not merely a collection of plants. A garden can be a recreational area for people as well as a place for nature to grow food and flowers.

In addition to horticulture, the art of gardening is a science. The techniques used to grow plants are based on principles of plant physiology and chemistry. While the techniques used in gardening vary widely, the basic principles are universal. The use of natural elements like water, soil, and air are integral to the process of growing plants. However, gardening requires experience and a good understanding of local conditions. A well-designed garden can provide a feeling of serenity and peace of mind.

Gardens come in all forms, from residential to industrial. Most of the time, they are found adjacent to homes or other living spaces. Many people derive part of their diet from these gardens, thereby gaining the name of kitchen gardens. Commercial and industrial gardens are also common. Modern gardens are based on technology and scientific advancements, and can be either organic or conventional. But regardless of the method, it is still a garden. For many, gardening is a way of life and a hobby.

Before you can get started on your garden, you need to decide what kind of plants you want to grow. It’s best to choose easy-to-grow plants for beginners, since some plants require more work than others. Organic compost will make the soil fertile and keep it moist. Adding organic fertilizers to the soil will also improve its moisture content. This will make the soil more suited for planting. A well-maintained garden will produce the best crops and provide a natural look to the home.

If you’re concerned about the quality of the soil in your backyard, a soil test can help you determine what types of plants will thrive in it. A simple soil test can be done at your county cooperative extension office. The results of the test will take about two weeks, but will help you determine what amendments to make. Alternatively, you can use a home-made soil testing kit to get an idea of the nutrient content of your garden’s soil.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby that is beneficial for your physical health. It’s an excellent remedy for sedentary lifestyles and the effects of ageing. There are many ergonomic gardening tools available to accommodate the needs of people with physical limitations. Moreover, it’s a great way to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. It’s the perfect hobby for everyone. It’s a great way to spend your free time, while at the same time keeping your mind active and healthy.

Many garden-style apartment communities offer outdoor spaces and swimming pools. They also generally have a clubhouse and swimming pool. They are often located downtown and tend to have a lower density than the typical high-rise apartment building. This can translate to quieter living conditions. Another advantage of garden-style apartment communities is that they are typically 3 or less stories, and feature a lot of lush landscaping and outdoor spaces. There are usually interior courtyards in these communities as well.

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